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…… Daniel Evans

Current Position: Head of Marketing

Company: Roc Search

Years in recruitment marketing: 13

Briefly describe your recruitment marketing career to date?
I started at Hays in 2006. I learnt loads (how to use apostrophes was high on that list!), did my CIM qualification and experienced how marketing had to adapt when the recession hit. After 6 years I moved on to GCS Recruitment to establish their marketing function. Pretty much a dream job at the time because I had such freedom compared to the corporate environment. If Hays taught me marketing, GCS taught me recruitment. A superb 6 years where marketing started as the colouring in department and became an integral part of the business and delivering ROI.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Like every young boy I wanted to be a footballer. Unlike every young boy I also wanted to be a tap dancer! My mum took me to a lesson but I refused to go in when the room was full of girls! I then wanted to be a lawyer but someone told me it was a lot of hard work. It was when doing a GNVQ business studies course in sixth form that I discovered marketing. It seemed like the only interesting module and from there it was a marketing degree.

So I am living the dream of 17 year old me, just not 7 year old me…

Who inspires you (both in recruitment and outside)?
Firstly, my wife is also a marketer and I steal all her ideas. That helps…

But I couldn’t start any section on marketing inspirations without mentioning Philip Kotler. The pioneer of marketing and someone I always looked up to. I have loads of his books at home, and admire him so much that some of the books are as good as new…

Seth Godin’s podcast always provides a wonderful perspective on things, and there are lots of people out there that just talk sense, Ryan Wallman and Tom Goodwin to name a few. There are brands in and outside recruitment I admire and take inspiration from. I have taken inspiration from all sorts. QPR, Las Iguanas, Phaidon and Austin Fraser to name a few. Inspiration is everywhere.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your recruitment marketing job?
The challenges constantly change! Right now, we are at an incredibly exciting phase at Roc where we have agreed the marketing strategy and currently at implementation stage so for me right now it’s about connecting every single dot. Understanding every single work flow and ensuring there and no data gaps in everything we are tracking. So the big picture stuff is agreed, it’s now time to pull up the sleeves and get stuck into tech, spreadhseets and a lot of whiteboards… In all honesty, I’m lucky to be in a business that ‘gets’ marketing and the value and role it can play in the sales process.

What is your proudest recruitment marketing achievement?
I’m not very good at looking back at being proud of achievements. It’s just my nature to always look back and see what wasn’t done and how it could be done better. That’s what gives me my drive I think. I’m definitely proud of the people I have managed. Taking on junior marketing professionals and seeing them develop their careers and grow their passion for marketing is incredibly rewarding.

If I had to pick 1 thing I would say it was the transition of marketing at GCS. I was literally hired to be the colouring in department. To create flyers and brochures and make things look pretty. There was no real relation to helping sales in the job spec. But over my time there marketing became a department that was involved in business strategy, and delivered tangible/trackable ROI. I like to see it as moving from just a business output to a strategic input. I suppose that whole journey is something that involved in can be very proud of.

What do you think the future holds for recruitment marketing?
Clearly so much has changed since I started in 2006 but what excites me is that the more businesses are embracing marketing technology than ever before. The future is incredibly exciting for today’s recruitment marketers and it’s part of the reason I still love working in this sector. Whether automation, chatbots or end to end marketing attribution, there is so much for marketers to embrace. But for me I think the future of recruitment marketing is about marketing being closer to sales. And closer to customers. With all the tech, data and knowledge that marketing can and will deliver, there shouldn’t be any more colouring in departments!

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