The art of the one-man team

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Surely a ‘team’ can’t be only one person? Can you call one person a ‘function’? Does any of this even matter??

I found myself questioning this on my morning commute earlier this week. Now normally my commute (30-40 minutes door-to-door) is spent catching up on TV boxsets rather than profound thinking. I realise that people reading this style of post will most likely be seeking intuitive answers and cutting-edge thinking. I’m the wrong ‘author’, ‘contributor’, whatever, for that sort of enlightenment.

What I am is a marketer who occasionally over-analyses menial things when he has time on his hands. Or when procrastinating to avoid something far more important…I’m a great fan of that!

I’m currently the sole marketing resource for a forward-thinking healthcare recruitment firm with operations across the UK and Australia. This is a greenfield role with a tremendous mixture of “roll your sleeves up and get stuck in” and blue sky strategic thinking…apologies for the cringe-inducing jargon.

Personally I don’t enjoy referring to myself by job title e.g. “I’m the Executive Vice President of Thought Process Analysis for the recruitment vertical at Company XYZ”. So how should I introduce myself, either face-to-face or over the phone?

Am I responsible for the marketing function? Do I led the marketing team? Do I provide marketing support? (Again, I refer you to the 3rd paragraph description of my history of over-analysing menial things).

My thoughts wander to a comment from a previous Managing Director “People don’t care about your title, they only want to know what you can do for them”, or words to that effect.

Your personal branding

Likewise a recent conference keynote speaker explained his thoughts on personal brand positioning highlighting that an introduction should follow a basic set up of:

My name is…

I help companies/individuals to…

In order to….


Your personal branding is never more important than when working as a team of one, both internally and outside of your organisation. A sole operator needs to elevate their role. Be seen. Be heard. Be approachable. You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable person in the room, but you do need to instill confidence in those around you.

They claim that there’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘M’ and ‘E’. And in this case, only ME in this team!

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